Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1887-1893 Era – With Keywords to Help You



Presidential Election/Event

Beyond America/ Foreign Policy

Government Institutions

US Land Expansion

US Economic Development

Issue/Organization Development

Political Party Development




Chinese Exclusion Act – 10 year period












Colored Farmers’ National Alliance



Hawaii-US treaty renewed[1]


Dawes Severalty Act





Benjamin Harrison v. Grover Cleveland

Secretary of State: James G. Blaine

Speaker: Czar Thomas Reed







Latin America, Pan-American Union[2]


Oklahoma Land Rush


Hull House –  Click here for more




Blaine – reciprocity tariff

Sherman Anti-Trust

Wounded Knee, South Dakota

McKinley Tariff

National American Woman Suffrage merger




A.T. Mahan - The Influence of Sea Power on History


Census Bureau: end of frontier – Click here for more.

Sherman Silver Purchase Act – Click here for more.










Republican losses;

Farmers Alliance victories –Click here for more








Ocala Demands (Florida)







Colored Alliance strike[3]





Chinese – new 10 year extension







Coup, Hawaii – Sanford B. Dole[4]

Ellis Island opens



Homer A. Plessy, case begins




Hawaii annexation treaty proposed[5]











Homestead Strike (PA)[6]






Idaho: Coeur d’Alene silver mine strike[7]










Homestead again[8]




Benjamin Harrison v. Grover Cleveland v. James B. Weaver








You can find details on these things and relationships between them in the Snapshot—a link available from multiple places in this Unit.

Keyword List on Urban Trends and Images:


skyscraper – Louis Sullivan

settlement house – The most famous creator of a settlement house is Jane Addams.

streetcars cars




tenement, dumbbell


Keyword List on New Immigration:

National groups in new immigration


American Protective Association


Keyword List on Earlier Immigration and Minorities:

1890s lynching of blacks – average 187 annually Example of courage in the South: African American newspaper woman Ida Wells-Barnett

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson – the year of the Supreme Court’s decision


Keyword List on Victorian Society:

marriage, divorce

majority religions

sports – basketball, biking

1890 General Federation of Women’s Clubs


Keyword List on Urban Political Organization:

Terms from the past: machine and boss

city parks – Central Park

overall evaluation of services for citizens


Keyword List on Farmers’ Issues:


mortgage debt

railroad prices

gold standard and pressure for the United States to purchase and coin silver (something also desired by Western miners and mine owners)


Keywords on Intellectual Trends:

1888 Looking Backward – Edward Bellamy

1890s Social Gospel

1893 Frederick Jackson Turner – “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”


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[1] This is one of three events with Hawaii in this study tool; there are more in the next time period we cover. The McKinley Tariff also has consequences in Hawaii.

[2] Latin America counters with a group organization, the Pan-American Union. What does the root word pan mean? All of a group, such as Pan American (as shown above) or Pan-Slavism (an issue in World War I) or something widespread (such as a pandemic). The name in the 1899 era was International Bureau of the American Republics.

[3] The Colored Alliance has a strike in AK. Whites lynch15 strikers.

[4] This is one of three events with Hawaii. A leader of this is Sanford Dole. (Where have you seen the name Dole in a grocery store?) – He will be elected President of Hawaii. The US minister to Hawaii declared Hawaii to be a US protectorate.

[5] This is one of three events with Hawaii. Note: proposed is not the same as passed. There is more on this in the next time period.

[6]  This is against Carnegie’s steel company.  It involves 300 Pinkerton and later state militia. This becomes worse by the end of the month.

[7]  This strike in the west involves martial law + federal troops.

[8] Assassination attempt on H. Frick (Homestead manager.)