What’s a Question That Lets You Show You Know Something?

For both US History I and US History II, you will see questions that let you show you know something.


Tip: These kinds of questions are best learned in the instructor’s links to Lessons in the Unit, not in the textbook.

How This Type of Question and Its Answers Works

The question provides 3 (at most 4) traits that apply to one of a set of things. You can trust that every trait in the question is true. The answers list the members of the set: You must choose which member of the set has all 3 traits.


Example of the Question and Answers


In the 1830s to 1860s, this region was trait 1, trait 2, and trait 3.

a. Northeast

b. Northwest

c. Southeast

d. Southwest


Example of How You Figure It Out


You are certain that trait 1 and trait 3 are true of the Northeast, but you are not sure if trait 2 is true for that region. If you are certain that trait 1 and trait 3 are about the Northeast, you can safely mark letter a.


Plus, if your answer is marked correct, you also now know a 3rd trait about that region.


I will not set up trick questions in multiple choice. Caution:   I will not set up trick questions in True-False either; however, you do need to pay attention to every word.


Types of Questions and Answers

This type of question is used with many things. Common examples are:

·        Branches of government

·        Regions

·        Periods of time and how they differ

·        Parts of documents that you are to read

·        Presidents

·        Wars

·        Expansions to different geographic areas at different times

·        Laws




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